in Information on 23 December 2013

Energy Developments in North America;

One of the most ambitious renewable energy projects in North America history received the green light on April 2012 from Canadian officials. A joint venture between Newfoundland & Labrador's Nalcor Energy and Nova Scotia's Emera, valued at $6.2 Billion, the "Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Project" will make the province's electricity system more than %98 carbon free efficient.

The project will also harness the remaining %35 of the Churchill River's energy creation capacity, currently uncaptured by the Churchill Falls Generating Station.The construction of Muskrat Falls will generate significant employment and economic benefits, including:

*$1.9 billion in income to Newfoundland and Labrador labour and business

*1,500 direct jobs per year on average across more than 70 occupations

*An average of 3,100 direct jobs at peak employment in 2015

*9,100 person-years of direct employment, including 5,800 in Labrador